Peaceful Protest, Saturday, June 13

Meet 10 AM at the Caldwell County Courthouse. Follow the route used during the MLK March, ending up at the Caldwell County Justice Center.

“Injustice to one is injustice to all of us.”
– Margaret Carter, march organizer

Petition Calls for Removal of Confederate Monument

Members of our Lockhart community have called for the removal of the United Daughters of the Confederacy monument from the grounds of the Caldwell County Courthouse. 

Organizer Cody Kimbell has created a petition on The petition calls for the monument to be “put in a museum, graveyard, or on private property where it can be appreciated in an appropriate historical context.”

Kimbell intends to present the signatures and comments from the community at the upcoming June 9th meeting of the Caldwell County Commissioner’s Court.

Make your voice heard about the Confederate Monument

If you support this initiative, you may sign the petition and leave a comment here:

If you wish to submit a comment without signing the petition, you may do that via this Google form.

You can also attend the open meeting of the Caldwell County Commissioners Court. On Tuesday, June 9th at 8:30 am, go to the 2nd Floor Courtroom of the Caldwell County Courthouse, on the square.

Update: Monument Petition in the News

Concerned citizens presented the petition to relocate the Confederate Monument at the June 9 Commissioners’ Court meeting. The action was covered by KTBC Fox 7 Austin. The televised story includes interviews with organizer Cody Kimbell, resident Travis Brent and County Judge Hoppy Haden.

Ku Klux Klan active in Lockhart the year of Confederate Monument dedication

Historical records show that the KKK was very active in Lockhart in the 1920s. Clippings from the archives of the Lockhart Post-Register newspaper show that Klan openly and regularly advertised its activities to the public.

An ad from August 1923, just months ahead of the monument’s dedication, advertise a “Ku Klux Klan Parade and Public Speaking,” organized by Lockhart Klan No. 147. An ad from July 1924 promotes a Klan gathering in San Marcos saying, “We propose to feed all Klansmen and families. Our city will be yours for the afternoon and at night.”

Confederate Monument Dedication, Lockhart Texas, 1923.
Source: A Pictorial History: Remembering Lockhart’s first 150 years, 1852-2002, page 52.

These records reveal the context for the November 6, 1923 erection of the United Daughters of the Confederacy monument on the grounds of the Caldwell County Courthouse.

How San Marcos handled their monument

Our neighbors in San Marcos confronted the issue of their confederate monument in 2017. Their memorial was located prominently on the campus of Texas State University. Community groups came together to urge for its removal, which was successful. 

For more on how San Marcos came to a resolution, see this piece in the Texas Observer:

Criminal Justice Reform in San Marcos

At our February DCCTX meeting, Jordan Buckley and Eric Martinez of Mano Amiga spoke about the work their group has been doing to promote criminal justice reform in San Marcos. The common sense policy changes they successfully championed are needed here in Caldwell County and we look forward to working with them to make that happen.

This month, their success caught the eye of Texas Monthly magazine. Good work, y’all!

Primary Run-Off Election

Poll Workers Needed

The July 14th runoff election is coming up and we still need poll workers to work the election. Many of our regular election workers face increased Covid-19 risk and are unable to work. Workers are paid $12 per hour and should expect to work at least 12 hours on election day. Please help us find election workers that are not at high Covid-19 risk!  If you, or someone you know are interested and able to work the runoff election this July please contact Philip Ruiz or David Gratz.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Monday, June 15 is the last day to register to vote in the run-off.
Applications to vote by mail must be received by Thursday, July 2.